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Vision based on Experience

Travel provides opportunities to invest in relationships, forge new business opportunities and see the world — we don’t take that lightly. Our team at Sequel Travel has decades of experience navigating the changing Business and Vacation travel landscapes, and we love nothing more than solving problems and creating memories for our customers.

Trevor’s and my childhoods and careers in consulting and finance were shaped by travel, and we saw opportunities for above-and-beyond service to travelers today. We are proud to lead the Sequel Travel team, which is the combination of Maupin and Hess Travel, two travel companies each with over four decades of experience. Women-owned with a reach across the US in addition to global partnerships, we get to serve our customers with a larger, more capable team than ever before.

From navigating the challenges of large group travel to simplifying the family escape you’ve always dreamed of, Sequel’s trusted advisors lead with personal connection and utilize the latest technology to keep you focused on enjoying your trip from departure to return. We would love the opportunity to discuss your travel goals and see if we can make them a reality.

Meet Our Team

Through well-rounded expertise, real-world experience and a passion for quality service, our team crafts a journey tailored to your needs and preferences.


Trevor's favorite travel challenge is taking work and school on the road for their six kids to Spanish speaking countries, such as Guatemala, and Spain. Their next chapter will be written in Chile, where they will explore glaciers, lakes and deserts and search for penguins and alpacas.

Trevor Smith



Jordan's idyllic travel involves slow meals, a good book, and some exploring on a bike.

Jordan Smith

Managing Director


Mike's travel tale started when he was a child, and his family visited Disney World in Orlando, FL every year. His parents drove through the night from NJ, so he and his brothers could sleep the entire drive. He has so many fond memories of those trips, and is a Disney lifer!

Mike Owens

Director of Sales

Stacy loves visiting new places, she's looking forward to exploring France and Ireland next year.

Stacy Hoeksel

Director of Special Projects

Julie loves adventures centered around water. The coast of Italy is calling her name, let the explorations wrapped around local cuisine and wines begin.

Julie Seneca

Director of Accounting


Shane's perfect travel adventure was spent in Kona, Hawaii over Christmas in 2019. He's looking forward to his next chapter there!

Shane Van Noy

Director of Technology


For Carole, traveling is all about connecting with her family. From nearby vacation rentals to overseas explorations, the main focus is just spending time with her crew.

Carole Cross

Director of Business Travel


Felicia's travel dilemma is whether to return to places you know and love, or explore new destinations. Some of her past favorites include cities and towns throughout Italy and summers on the water in New England.

Felicia Lorelli

Director of Vacation Travel & Marketing


Hannah's favorite travel stories are ones that lead you to unintended adventures off the beaten path- finding peace in isolated places. Where water is abundant and pets are welcome.

Hannah Maxey

Director of Account Management

Andy Nixon

Andy Nixon | Business Travel Advisor

Andy's unexpected tale unfolded while visiting the UK in 2022, where he had a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that could have not been planned. He experienced the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the British Monarchy and the pride of the British people.

Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith | Business Travel Advisor

Traveling to her mother's homeland of Hungary and walking the route she took to school, was an experience Barbara will never forget.

Brian Smith Headshot 2023 - 1

Brian Davis | Business Travel Advisor

Brian's career in travel took flight over 30 years ago. He's happy wherever there is golf to be played and a beach to relax on.

Cassie Badowsky

Cassie Badowsky | Vacation Travel Advisor

One of Cassie's fondest travel memories was flying over the Okovango Delta in Botswana, where she saw all the rivulets of water filling in the Delta, and the animals coming from the surrounding savannah to the Delta -- and it was one of the most glorious sights in the world!

Craig Anderson Headshot 2023(1.) - 1

Craig Anderson | Business Travel Advisor

Craig's next chapter will be spent exploring more European countries, now that half of his year is spent living in Italy.

Deana Roberts

Deana Roberts | Vacation Travel Advisor

Deana loves to uncover hidden gems of local cultures. She enjoys experiences such as savoring street foods, exploring local markets, or soaking up the sun on local beaches.

Debbie Capson

Debra Capson | Business Travel Advisor

Debbie's adventure started over 30 years ago as a tour guide in Alaska. Weave that with her love of sun, sand, and the beach, and her travel passion was created.

Jeremy Checketts

Jeremy Checketts | Business Travel Advisor

Jeremy's visit to Rarotonga Cook Islands was an unforgettable journey. It was small, quaint and when on the beach looking at the reef, it felt like they were the only ones on earth.

Jessica Mathews

Jessica Mathews | Meeting Travel Manager

Jessica’s favorite journeys include the 3 F’s: family, food, and flip-flops.

Jody Portrait

Jody Langston | Business Travel Advisor

Jody has been in the travel industry for 30+ years, and client relationships keep her turning the page year after year.

Julia Buie

Julia Buie | Business Travel Advisor

Julia has a great love of train travel which she got from her Dad. She has traveled across the US three times via train and also in Europe and Japan.

Julie Povolny's

Julie Povolny | Vacation Travel Advisor

Julie's favorite travel stories include meeting people from different cultures. From the sweet, spirited people of Ireland to the complicated traditions of the people in Saudi Arabia.

Karen Garr

Karen Garr | Vacation Travel Advisor

Travel has been Karen's passion throughout her life, since starting her career 45+ years ago. It never gets old, there's always something new & exciting waiting for her when she gets off the next flight.

Kathleen Kranz Headshot 2023. - 1

Kathleen Kranz | Business Travel Advisor

Kelley Hall Headshot Alternate3 - 1

Kelley Hall | Business Travel Advisor

Kelley's tale took place a few years ago, when he decided to jump on a plane in early winter and fly to Northern Italy and train with local chefs. It was his first time to Italy which he expected to be overrated. Boy was he was wrong. From the moment he landed and traveled to his first destination, there was magic. They prepared and ate the most fantastic food, drank too much wine, laughed loudly, sang, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. He left a part of himself there and has been back several times. When he flew home he couldn't contain his joy of the experience and actually cried tears of joy for the beauty that he experienced in traveling there. "They" are right when they say, "travel will change your life". It did just that for him. It turned his "low point" into a jumping off point for a full life of joy and experience.

Kellie Iannon Headshot 2023. - 1

Kellie Iannon | Accounting Specialist

As Kellie is soon to be an empty nester, her next chapter will be full of new travel adventures. Germany, Portugal and Spain are top of the list.

Score_Sequel_Kellie_Thrift_1244 1

Kellie Thrift | Business Travel Advisor

31 years in the travel business has sharpened Kellie's problem solving skills. Her passion is assisting clients with travel disruptions big and small.

Kelly Stellflue

Kelly Stellflue | Business Travel Advisor

Kelly's legendary chapter was set in Hawaii, where she lived like a local for a month. She says it's a "must-do!"

Kim Kleinhans

Kim Kleinhans | Vacation Travel Advisor

Kim's favorite travel story involves selling everything she owned and moving with her family across the world (and back)! You haven't lived until you have 10 giant suitcases to get onto a London tube during rush hour!

Lisa Burnham

Lisa Burnham | Vacation Travel Advisor

Lisa loves being active when she travels. From urban hiking to early morning running tours to see the city before everyone else is awake, she's always up to try something new (snowmobiling in Norway anyone?). She wants to really experience the destination and if you get lost you can always find great food on foot.

Louanne Warren

Louanne Warren | Vacation Travel Advisor

In Louanne's 44 years in the travel industry, her passion has always been about helping people. She loves sending clients on new adventures in places that she has also enjoyed, like Africa, the Amazon, and Europe.

Lyra Yamasaki

Lyra Yamasaki | Group Travel Manager & Business Travel Advisor

I've been lucky enough to travel all over the world in my 35 years in this industry, but some of my favorite places are closer to home. Living within a short drive of many National Parks gives so many options for hiking adventures. I love a trip to Europe or Asia, but my heart will always be close to home in the outdoors.

Margaret Evans Headshot 2023 - 1

Margaret Evans | Vacation Travel Support Specialist

Margaret's favorite travel stories are European adventures filled with local culinary gems.

Margaret Zeemer

Margaret Zeemer | Welcome Team

Margaret is happiest when on the ocean. She has (so far) enjoyed 5 world cruises. Best memory? Diving with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa.

Marilyn Mondoux

Marilyn Mondoux | Vacation Travel Advisor

Marilyn loves travel to endangered, unique destinations to see them while they still exist.


Marley Shields | Technical Account Manager

Marley is an avid golfer who spends the bulk of her time on the various courses of Pinehurst, NC. Her dream is to visit Ireland and Scotland to soak up its historical golf culture.

Maryneil Catlin

Maryneil Catlin | Vacation Travel Advisor

On her first trip abroad Maryneil heeded her college professor’s travel advice, "It’s not if you go back but when you go back". This way of thinking about travel has given her the opportunity to explore favorite destinations like Italy, Paris, London, and Switzerland many times over. Just like reading a favorite book again and again she always discovers something new to love.

Maureen Miller

Maureen Miller | Business Travel Advisor

Maureen's favorite travel story was her first international trip to Switzerland. She loved visiting Basel, a beautiful village that is home to the cuckoo clock. After breakfast they were off to Colmar, France for lunch, and dinner in Germany. Three countries in one day!

Mike Tyne

Mike Tyne | Business Travel Advisor

Olivia Felila Headshot 2023. - 1

Olivia Felilla | Welcome Team

Family trips (where no cooking is required) are Olivia's love language.

Renee Seets Headshot 2023 - 1

Renee Seets | Business Travel Advisor

At the age of 15, Renee's family explored across the country by car. Traveling became a part of her narrative.

Sherri Nakamura

Sherri Nakamura | Business Travel Advisor

Sherri always has a bag half packed ready for exploration or to decompress in front of a blue ocean. She likes to throw in fresh baked brownies at the last minute as one never knows when/what is the next meal.

Tamara Pyper Headshot 2023. - 1

Tamara Pyper | Business Travel Advisor

One of Tamara's favorite travel memories unfolded in Paris for a business trip, where she unknowingly walked into Notre Dame during a ceremony for the 100 year anniversay of the Armistice. Hearing the stories read from the soldiers, seeing men dressed in the uniforms of the time, and hearing the bugle play that had ended the war, all in the beautiful cathedral.

Tara Smith

Tara Smith | Business Travel Advisor

Tara started her adventure with Delta Airlines, and quickly moved to the agency world. She has been here for 25 years strong.

Tina Woolbright Headshot 2023 - 1

Tina Woolbright

Tina loves visiting places she has read about in books or seen in the movies, especially the big cities of Europe.

Toni Scavo Headshot 2023 - 1

Toni Scavo | Business Travel Advisor

Toni hales from the great state of Michigan, and brings with her 38 years of travel experience.

Vicki Zore

Vicki Zore | Business Travel Advisor

Vicki's travel story began at the age of 3 when her family opened a travel agency. Her journey continues all these years later, and her quest for the "perfect destination" is never ending.

Our Core Values


We find joy in making (or saving!) someone’s day


We genuinely care about our teammates, customers, and partners.


We do the right thing, every time, even when it’s hard.


Sequel Travel is all about what’s next. New places, new ways of getting there, new ways of doing business.


No one works harder and smarter than we do.

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