Inspiring change through the joy of travel.

International travel grants us the privilege to experience foreign history, cultures and ecosystems first-hand. With that privilege comes a responsibility to protect it—the need to find a healthy balance of exploration and preservation. 

Our advisors and partners embrace that responsibility. Through active participation in initiatives empowering local communities and the careful management of water and waste, our network’s commitment to sustainable travel ensures you can travel with a light footprint.

Purpose-driven partnerships


Abercrombie & Kent is committed to responsible tourism practices with ongoing initiatives minimizing environmental impact, supporting local communities and preserving cultural heritage in 24 countries across all seven continents.


Committed to protecting the people, wildlife and planet, African Travel has received recognition for their Make Travel Matter® initiative. With a focus on responsible travel, they expose travelers to the rewards of mindful African exploration.


Backroads has embraced responsible travel since their first trip in 1979. By giving travelers a realistic experience in the communities they visit, supporting local businesses and providing bicycles to workers across the globe, Backroads has made a positive impact on countless destinations and more than 150 organizations worldwide.


Through collaboration with local communities, businesses and individuals, G Adventures promotes sustainable tourism benefiting both the traveler and their host through economical support and minimal environmental and cultural impact.


Wilderness Unpacked is a leader in conservation tourism  prioritizing conservation and community well-being in 60 iconic African wildlife spots in eight countries. 


Micato's strong commitment to protecting Africa, their home, spans three generations. Practicing sustainable tourism since their inception, they follow five guiding principles: dedication and commitment, clarity, community engagement, traveler education, and accountability.


Project Expedition’s commitment to Africa spans across generations. Practicing sustainable tourism since the beginning, they protect their home by following their five guiding principles: dedication and commitment, clarity, community engagement, traveler education and accountability.


Travel Elevates is Signature Travel Network’s nonprofit that supports initiatives in popular travel destinations around the world. Its mission is to leverage global travel partnerships and connect travelers to projects that empower local communities around the world through education and economic growth.


Tauck is an operator of guided tours, small ship and river cruises. They create innovative volunteer, financial and community support programs that engage their employees to make a positive impact where they travel, live and work.


Villas of Distinction offers numerous eco-friendly getaways, perfect for travelers who are hoping to lessen their impact on the environment. Their villas contribute to environmental sustainability in their own way, from recycling and energy-saving initiatives to farm-to-table dining with produce fresh from their gardens.