Business Travel

A holistic streamlined approach to business travel.

Our approach to travel advisory ensures an attentive experience that maximizes productivity for your company’s travel program.


Reporting & Analytics

Innovative Tools
We provide monthly data on unused tickets, lost savings, CO2 emissions and analytics helpful for forecasting, budgeting and grant reconciliation

Custom Approach
Our account managers work with you to design the reporting needs unique to your travel program

Across our reporting tools, travel advisors, and account managers, we are always scanning for patterns in data and behavior to identify opportunities to optimize your travel spend


Unused Ticket Management

Store Credits
Tracking of unused tickets stores credits in traveler’s profile to be applied during the ticketing process

Proactive Reminders
Monthly unused ticket reports sent to travel manager, and 30/60/90-day expiration notices sent to the traveler

Online Booking
Unused credits are pushed to the traveler’s online booking profile to ensure they take advantage of all available credits


Intuitive Online Booking

Integrated Systems
Online booking tools aligned with policies and integrated with your systems

Training & Onboarding
Customized onboarding and training drive your team’s online tool adoption rate

Real-time Updates
24/7 communication through dynamic traveler notification programs


A Partnership In Travel

From complex international trips to high-volume domestic travel, we pride ourselves in the customization and execution of cost-efficient, goal-oriented solutions for you and your business.

New to managed travel?

We help you craft a travel policy, select an online booking tool (if you choose), train your travelers on the policy and how to work with their advisor, OBT, file expenses, request reports.


Already have a full-time travel manager?

Companies who already employ full-time travel managers can use Sequel as an extension of their team to navigate online booking tools and provide comprehensive support on exchanges, after-hours help, management of large groups and more.


Previously let down by another travel management company?

Sequel is anything but “another travel management company”. Sequel provides an unmatched level of attentive, personalized service at every stage of travel.


Challenge: AskBio, a NC-based biotech firm, had a very complex travel policy and needed help enforcing their expense management tool.

Solution: Sequel Travel redesigned their policy and set up a new online booking tool which granted the firm’s travelers the autonomy that they wanted, while ensuring that travel expenses were used only on approved travel and routed to their expense management system.

Challenge: Ikon Science, a UK-based geoprediction software company, came to Sequel with a fragmented program and had no global mandate as they were experiencing expansive travel growth.

Solution: Sequel worked closely with their global travel partners to create a travel program of transparency and consolidation, standardizing data and reporting across all markets of their business.

“We know that our people are always in good hands and treated like family at Sequel. On the rare occasion they make a mistake, Sequel Travel has gone above and beyond for the past 25 years to take care of the issue and our travelers.”

Cotton, Inc. is a US-based research and marketing company with $1M+ spend in annual travel mostly used to visit manufacturing facilities in remote destinations in Asia.

Challenge: Health Catalyst enlisted Sequel’s help to implement a travel management program that immediately addressed their urgent issues of unused ticket credits.

Solution: Sequel worked closely with their procurement team to implement Deem for 1,400 employees to ensure all travel is captured. Sequel also provided access to Safe to Go, Prime Analytics and iBank, allowing the Health Catalyst HR team to know exactly where their travelers are.

Challenge: Achieving the Dream has stringent reporting requirements due to their reliance on federal grants. With travelers (typically contract consultants, not employees) not able to provide the tedious amount of information required at the time of booking, Achieving the Dream lacked access to key data.

Solution: Sequel created multiple reporting layers within Deem ensuring all data was reconciled in real time.

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