Relaxation and Connection

Blackberry Farm & Blackberry Mountain


Type: Luxury, Culinary, Restful

globe Trip details: $$$

2-4 Trip Days

It’s hard to choose one. Blackberry Farm is comfort luxury at its finest in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Food becomes art, and every meal is an adventure. Blackberry Mountain, the newer of the two properties, elevates adventure in nature, wrapped in the warm hospitality that the Blackberry brand is known for. If craft cocktails in yoga pants strikes your fancy, head to the Mountain. If you fancy an artisanal cheese tasting with your loved ones, followed by spa treatment and a glass of wine over a jigsaw puzzle is your fam, start with the Farm. The Blackberry magic is strong in the valley and on the mountain – you will be transported regardless of the property!

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Where In The World

Walland, TN 37886, USA

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