Active Exploration

Cycling Spanish Winecountry


Best time to visit: Spring and Fall


Type: Culinary, Romantic

globe Trip details: $$$

5-7 Trip Days

Explore the best of Spanish wine country on two wheels. Traverse charming vineyards and scenic landscapes on e-bikes. Taste the rich flavors of locally-produced wine, while enjoying the vibrant Spanish culture and wonderful cuisine. Don’t miss out on these must-see regions on your trek: Rioja Wine Region: Indulge in the deep red wines of Rioja and explore centuries-old wineries. Ribera del Duero: Discover the Tempranillo grapes in the enchanting Ribera del Duero region. Penedès: Sip on sparkling Cava in Catalonia’s Penedès region, known for its exquisite vineyards. Priorat: Experience the unique scenery and bold flavors of Priorat’s wine country. La Mancha: Pedal through the iconic windmills and taste the wines that inspired Don Quixote. This journey is a blend of relaxation and adventure all in one.

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