Active Exploration

Scotland Golf Tour


Best time to visit: April-October


Type: Historical, Luxury

globe Trip details: $$$

5-7 Trip Days

Embark on the golf adventure of a lifetime with your buddies in the stunning landscapes of Scotland. This trip takes you on a journey through the birthplace of golf, where you’ll have the chance to play on legendary courses like St. Andrews, Royal Troon, and Muirfield. Discover the history of the sport, savor traditional Scottish cuisine, and indulge in whisky tastings while bonding with your friends over unforgettable rounds of golf. Get ready for an epic guys’ golf trip that combines breathtaking scenery and world-class golfing for an experience you’ll cherish forever. Keep in mind that these are highly sought-after destinations for golfers worldwide, so competition for tee times can be fierce. Booking well in advance and staying flexible with your plans will help!

curated by Maryneil Catlin

Where In The World

Scotland, UK

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