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The Azores, Portugal


Best time to visit: May-October


Type: Nature, Hidden Gem

globe Trip details: $$$

7 Trip Days

We are loving the Azores, an archipelago of 9 islands tucked midway between the United States and Portugal. A relatively uncommon destination, this lush oasis called the “Hawaii of Europe” is a little-known paradise. The Azores are filled with green rolling hills, brilliant blue lagoons, and whales to watch off the coast. Instead of being filled with the palm trees traditionally associated with lush weather, the island is covered in hydrangea bushes. Besides being beautiful, it’s an easy place to vacation. The widespread use of English and its comparative affordability contribute to its accessibility. Not to mention, the Azores are relatively unknown, making it a location unsaturated with tourists.

curated by Karen Garr

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Azores, Portugal

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